Our Strategy

Over the past 35 years we have been fortunate to partner with some outstanding companies built by highly regarded entrepreneurs. Our focus is on service industries within the southeastern United States: insurance, banking, information technology, finance, and real estate.

Our ability to provide long term capital to these firms has been a critical factor in nurturing their growth. Yet our success has been based on more than just providing capital. We offer strategic insight, industry knowledge, and extensive business connections.

More than anything else, our strategy is driven by our bedrock belief that great people build great companies. We have grown our businesses by staying laser-focused on identifying the right people, from senior management to young talent.

Our strategy of sharing equity with both founders and newly-recruited associates has helped our firms achieve excellent results in growth, profitability, and enhanced firm values.

We are a very conservative investor. We focus on long term value creation to position our companies for eventual sale. Our typical investment has leadership teams who are excited about investing their own capital in the business. We assist those leaders in leveraging their investments to achieve higher returns.

We are looking for firms in the service industries where the focus is on financial self-discipline, strong team chemistry, and a long-term commitment to creating value.